Horse celebrates his birthday

Horse blows out birthday candles

WATCH: JD the horse was damn proud of himself when he blew out the candles on his birthday cake.

  • Vic lottery syndicate accused speaks out

    Gary Baron broke his silence on Thursday after 14 Geelong transport workers, his former colleagues, took the case to the Victorian Supreme Court. The syndicate games, 10 tickets totalling $520.35, were bought online on a separate day, Mr Baron says. "I have never cheated my workmates and I am disappointed that the matter has become so public and that my name, family and home have become so widely publicised," Mr Baron said in a statement.

  • IMF says Greece will lose funding access if payment missed

    Greece will be cut off from additional International Monetary Fund financing if it misses a loan payment to the crisis lender, an IMF spokesman said Thursday. "Any country that doesn't meet its commitment with the Fund... is declared in arrears and they have no access to IMF funding," IMF spokesman William Murray said.

  • Kate Middleton set to return to royal duties at the request of The Queen

    Kate Middleton is set to return to royal duties at the request of The Queen. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly set to return to her royal duties six weeks after giving birth to daughter, Princess Charlotte. The 33-year-old royal - who gave birth to her second child on May 2 - is set to attend Queen Elizabeth's birthday parade on June 13, at the request of the 89-year-old monarch.

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  • Husband secretly films wife's mega temper tantrum and uploads footage online

    This guy secretly filmed his wife’s shocking temper tantrum and uploaded it online.

  • 'I was told I had weeks to live': Model's private health battle

    To Australia, Heather McCartney is the wild-at-heart model who danced naked in a skybox at the 2014 AFL grand final. A few months prior to the infamous show, Heather was told she’d be lucky to live a few more weeks. Heather was still working as a model during her diagnosis.

  • Woman missing for two weeks found alive in car, husband dead

    A woman who went missing two weeks ago after she and her husband set off for a Mother's Day gathering has been found alive in a remote area where the couple's car was stranded, although her husband did not survive, police said on Tuesday. Dianna Bedwell, 68, and her husband, Cecil "Paul" Knutson, 79, were last seen in their car leaving a San Diego-area casino on May 10, heading to the Palm Springs area to celebrate Mother's Day with Bedwell's family. Police said the couple appeared to have gotten lost in a remote area and their car became stuck on a rugged road after they tried to take a shortcut to Palm Springs.

  • Gina Rinehart loses legal feud with kids

    Gina Rinehart used tactics bordering on intimidation and sought to wield her influential connections in the battle against her two eldest children over the multibillion-dollar family trust. With this in mind, he ordered control of the trust be handed over to her eldest daughter, Bianca Rinehart. "I have never seen such pressure exerted, so persistently, on a litigant, as has been apparent in this case," Justice Brereton said on Thursday in the Supreme Court.

  • Former Lehman chief blames crisis on 'perfect storm'

    In his first public appearance since 2008, former Lehman Brothers chief Richard Fuld Thursday blamed the financial crisis on a "perfect storm" of factors. At the same time, Fuld suggested he also bore some responsibility for his firm's fate.

  • Dollar could be getting ready to roar

    With a potential Fed rate hike as a tailwind, the dollar rally looks set to resume and it could be powerful. Since last week, the dollar index has gained more than 2 percent. "I think the markets are rushing to get long dollars again, and I think the FX market is running ahead of rates again," said Vassili Serebriakov, BNP Paribas currency strategist.

  • Mystery of holes in Swiss cheese cracked after a century

    Eureka! After about a century of research, Swiss scientists have finally cracked the mystery of the holes in Swiss cheese. Experts from Agroscope, a state centre for agricultural research, said the phenomenon -- which marks famous Swiss cheeses such as Emmental and Appenzell -- was caused by tiny bits of hay present in the milk and not bacteria as previously thought. "It's the disappearance of the traditional bucket" used during milking that caused the difference, said Agroscope spokesman Regis Nyffeler, adding that bits of hay fell into it and then eventually caused the holes.

  • Fans want Iggy Azalea stripped of award

    A growing number of music fans are demanding that Australian rapper Iggy Azalea be stripped of her recent Billboard Music Award. Azalea won three Billboard awards earlier this month for Top Streaming Artist, Top Rap Artist and Top Rap Song at the event in Las Vegas. Hip-hop fans, however, believe she should hand her Top Rap Song title, which she won for her track Fancy featuring Charli XCX, back - claiming the song wasn’t eligible to be nominated.

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  • New species of human ancestor found in Ethiopia

    In 1974, anthropologists in Ethiopia found the astonishing fossilised remains of a human-like creature who last walked the planet some 3.2 million years ago. Was "Lucy," as the hominid was called, the direct ancestor of Homo sapiens?

  • Food supply fears whet appetite for Dutch farm technology

    From the rooftops of Amsterdam to the expanses of Kazakhstan, Dutch technology is helping food producers to meet the needs of both gourmets and growing populations facing uncertain supplies. One of the most densely populated countries in the world, the Netherlands has long learnt to squeeze the maximum out of its limited farmland, making it the second-largest agricultural exporter after the United States. Such technology is at work in some unlikely spots.

  • Malthouse hits out after AFL sacking

    Mick Malthouse has taken aim at Carlton president Mark LoGiudice, two days after the Blues sacked him and ended his 31-year AFL coaching career. Malthouse has blasted LoGiudice for a media interview earlier this season where the Blues boss did not rule out captain Marc Murphy and reigning best and fairest winner Bryce Gibbs might be trade options at the end of this season. In his first extensive interview since being sacked, Malthouse also insisted on Fox Footy that he did not set out to fast-track the dismissal.

  • Accused denies killing Hayley Dodd

    The man accused of murdering teenager Hayley Dodd has declared his innocence and will not oppose his extradition from a Queensland prison to WA to face trial. The lawyer acting for Francis John Wark told The West Australian yesterday that his client wanted to return to WA to clear his name. Darryl Ryan, of Chelmsford Legal, said that Wark maintained he had nothing to do with the Hayley Dodd case.

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  • Little Hercules all grown up

    The kid dubbed 'Little Hercules' is all grown up, so what's he up to now?

  • Rafa Nadal's new $775,000 watch

    As tennis star Rafa Nadal took to the court Tuesday for the start of the French Open, he had a new good luck charm around his wrist: an $775,000 watch made from a space-age quartz material and built to withstand 5,000 Gs of g-force. Richard Mille, the favorite cult watch of the super rich, announced over the weekend that it's launching a new watch for Nadal called the RM 27-02. Mille has been a sponsor of Nadal's for five years, and Nadal wears Mille watches-known for their super light weight and advanced materials-in all of his matches.

  • Racist trolling casts pall over US spelling bee

    Racist trolling on social media is casting an ugly pall over, of all things, the world's foremost spelling bee. For seven years in a row, and for 11 of the past 15 years, the $30,000 Scripps National Spelling Bee championship has been won by American youngsters of Indian heritage. One of them, Vanya Shivashankar, 13, who lives in Kansas, is back for a fifth time -- inspired no doubt by her sister Kavya, the 2009 champion.

  • Depp finds Australia 'war on terrier' 'quite humorous'

    Johnny Depp found the "war on terrier" storm over his pet dogs Pistol and Boo being turfed out of Australia "quite humorous", his friend Mick Doohan said Wednesday. Doohan also commented on recent reports that the actor had fled Australia to "save his marriage" to wife Amber Heard, when he in fact went to celebrate his daughter Lily-Rose's 16th birthday back in the United States.

  • Monster fish caught from kayak

    Fishermen are known for their tall tales but here's one that didn't get away.