Young fan left heartbroken

Youngster misses out on hero's autograph

It can be devastating when you don't quite get the autograph of your sporting hero, as this young fan discovered the hard way.

  • RBA warns on heightened level of property investment risk

    The RBA deputy governor Philip Lowe says recent measures from banking regulator, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) were having a "positive, albeit modest, effect". "In the past couple of weeks you've seen a number of banks say they're requiring larger deposits for investor loans, they're offering smaller discounts on interest rates and smaller rebates, they're requiring higher serviceability levels," Dr Lowe said at yesterday's Thomson Reuters regulatory summit in Sydney. How far can you push the tighter regulation of the banking system without causing the same volume of loans to be made but just through a different financial intermediary," Dr Lowe said.

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  • Defence sector not all bad: report

    Up to 2500 jobs could be lost in South Australia's defence sector, but the so called "valley of death" isn't cause for despair, an economic report says. The Bank SA Trends bulletin says South Australia remains well placed to benefit from the construction of Australia's next fleet of submarines, even if they are sourced overseas. "It is likely that two-thirds of all the costs associated with outfitting and maintaining the submarines must ultimately occur in Australia, with a substantial share of that right here in this state," the report says.

  • Tunisia arrests second Morocco suspect in Bardo attack

    Tunisia has arrested a second Moroccan suspect over a deadly attack in March on the Bardo museum in Tunis, detaining him at the border with Libya, the interior ministry said Thursday. Noureddine al-Naibi was arrested on Sunday at the Ras Jedir border post on suspicion of indirect involvement in the attack, ministry spokesman Mohamed Ali Aroui told AFP. Around 50 people have been detained in Tunisia as part of an investigation into the attack claimed by the Islamic State group.

  • Natalie Imbruglia dishes on some of her most famous 'flings'

    Natalie Imbruglia has finally set the record straight on some of her rumoured high-profile hook-ups with the likes of Robbie Williams, Prince Harry and Harry Styles. In the new issue of Red magazine, the 40-year-old Aussie beauty admits to 'doing lots of crazy stuff' after her 2008 divorce from husband Daniel Johns, however she reveals that some of the most famous 'flings' never actually happened. Gwyneth Paltrow's ex, Chris Martin: “We are mates and I haven’t seen him in ages,” she said - which for the record is not a no...

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  • Sexiest Celebrity Selfies (15 photos)

    If you've got it, flaunt it. At least that's the rule these stars' Instagram snaps seem to suggest.

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  • Michael Jackson's Neverland to go 'on sale for $100 million'

    The sprawling California property that was once the location of the 'king of pop' Michael Jackson's mind-boggling amusement park is going on sale for $100 million, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. The late star built up his Neverland Ranch on 2,700 acres outside Santa Barbara to include zoo animals, numerous amusement rides and lavish gardens. Now called the Sycamore Valley Ranch, the Wall Street Journal reports that an investment firm renovated the property and several real estate agents are looking for a buyer at the cool-listing price of $100 million.

  • Why do women cheat? Ashley Madison CEO tells all

    In this Q&A, we got Noel Biderman, founder and CEO of the marital-affair site Ashley Madison, to tell all, from why women cheat to how affairs can actually HELP a marriage and why he thinks he'll do well in China. Why do women cheat?

  • Police shoot dead suicidal man

    28-year-old Justin Way had recently lost his job. Drunk and threatening to kill himself with a large knife, his anxious girlfriend Kaitlyn Lyons called the police to an attempt to stop him harming himself. As police arrive Kaitlyn is asked to leave the house and she explained she assumed her partner would be “Baker Acted” — involuntarily committed for his own protection, she told The Daily Beast.

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  • Poh’s MasterChef revenge challenge

    As MasterChef Australia is reaching ratings not seen since its early days, series one runner-up Yeow has been invited back to the Ten reality cooking competition series as a guest, devising the ingredients for the mystery-box challenge. As part of the challenge, which screens on Sunday at 7.30pm, contestants are required to cook a show-stopping dish featuring one of the surprise ingredients. “I always think it’s going to be really fun as a guest but then I find myself empathising with the contestants and think I’m one of them,” Yeow toldAAA .

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  • Vic lottery syndicate accused speaks out

    Gary Baron broke his silence on Thursday after 14 Geelong transport workers, his former colleagues, took the case to the Victorian Supreme Court. The syndicate games, 10 tickets totalling $520.35, were bought online on a separate day, Mr Baron says. "I have never cheated my workmates and I am disappointed that the matter has become so public and that my name, family and home have become so widely publicised," Mr Baron said in a statement.

  • Melbourne mother crippled by flu jab

    A Melbourne mother believes a routine flu shot left her crippled and trapped in her own body. Once a happy and loving mother of three, Kathy Watson Jones was left paralysed by a rare condition, where the body's immune system attacks the nervous system. Ms Watson Jones was rushed to hospital the following day and has spent the past five weeks in a rehabilitation centre.

  • Chrissy Teigen's Completely Nude in "DuJour" Magazine

    Chrissy Teigen in DuJour’s latest magazine. Photo: DuJour.DuJour’s latest magazine cover hosts ubiquitous power couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.And (as usual) they look good - really, really good.In a full-length spread shot by noted photographer

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  • Nadal, Murray call for Blatter change

    Tennis superstars Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray waded into the great football corruption scandal Thursday, suggesting the game would be better served without FIFA chief Sepp Blatter's iron grip on power. Nadal, who is the nephew of former Spanish international Miguel Angel Nadal, believes that for Blatter to have been FIFA president since 1998 breeds an unhealthy environment in the sport. "My thought is it is good to have combinations, in politics, in sport, in the world in general," said Nadal at the French Open on Thursday.

  • Back from the dead: 11 brands that have made a big comeback

    Remember when Polaroid was expected to die?The company filed for bankruptcy in 2001, and while it had been a household name for decades, few thought the brand could make it in the age of digital photography. Polaroid was written off as a relic whose technology

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  • Mystery of holes in Swiss cheese cracked after a century

    Eureka! After about a century of research, Swiss scientists have finally cracked the mystery of the holes in Swiss cheese. Experts from Agroscope, a state centre for agricultural research, said the phenomenon -- which marks famous Swiss cheeses such as Emmental and Appenzell -- was caused by tiny bits of hay present in the milk and not bacteria as previously thought. "It's the disappearance of the traditional bucket" used during milking that caused the difference, said Agroscope spokesman Regis Nyffeler, adding that bits of hay fell into it and then eventually caused the holes.

  • 6 Words You Should Never Put On Your Resume (7 photos)

    6 Words You Should Never Put On Your Resume

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  • Tax clampdown on landlords

    Three million landlords face tougher scrutiny from the Australian Tax Office, thanks in part to a property owner who had their daughter's wedding and an overseas trip paid for by taxpayers. The tax office has revealed it will use the tax reporting season to focus on rental property deductions and "unusually large" expense claims. One of the tax office's concerns is that landlords are getting more creative in their claims.

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  • Gina Rinehart loses legal feud with kids

    Gina Rinehart used tactics bordering on intimidation and sought to wield her influential connections in the battle against her two eldest children over the multibillion-dollar family trust. With this in mind, he ordered control of the trust be handed over to her eldest daughter, Bianca Rinehart. "I have never seen such pressure exerted, so persistently, on a litigant, as has been apparent in this case," Justice Brereton said on Thursday in the Supreme Court.

  • 'I was told I had weeks to live': Model's private health battle

    To Australia, Heather McCartney is the wild-at-heart model who danced naked in a skybox at the 2014 AFL grand final. A few months prior to the infamous show, Heather was told she’d be lucky to live a few more weeks. Heather was still working as a model during her diagnosis.

  • Fallen iPhone records its journey to the bottom of the ocean

    Not many iPhones can fall to the bottom of the ocean and live to tell the tale. Gregory Papadin was on a holiday in Spain when he accidentally dropped his iPhone into the ocean. The phone was in the middle of recording before it fell and managed to capture its slow descent to the bottom of the ocean.

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