• Playboy Mansion hid tunnels to celebrity homes

    It should come as no surprise to anyone to find the Playboy Mansion holds more than a few dark secrets. “So, according [to] this blueprint, tunnels were built to the homes of “Mr. J. Nicholson,” “Mr. W. Beatty,” “Mr. K. Douglas” and “Mr. J. Caan,”” the magazine wrote. “We’ll go ahead and assume they’re talking about Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Kirk Douglas and James Caan – all of whom lived near the Playboy Mansion during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

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  • Dirty business of restaurants: Confessions of a New York waiter

    If your bill is $100 and you tip 20 per cent on a credit card, eight to 10 per cent goes to the federal government for taxes. “Some waiters, if you leave the second copy of the receipt, will change the tip numbers, and — should you notice the discrepancy on your credit card bill, which you probably wouldn’t — you won’t have proof of what you wrote in, if you don’t have a receipt,” Fred says, shaking his head.

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  • Euro zone deflation top risk for world ratings: Fitch

    Deflation in the euro zone is a bigger risk to corporate and sovereign credit ratings across the world than the fall in the price of oil, Fitch Ratings reported Monday. "As the world's second-largest economy, largest importer and largest source of cross-border bank lending, deflation and weakness in the euro zone will have knock-on effects on other regions," said Fitch in its quarterly "Risk Radar" report. Prices in the euro area fell by an annual 0.3 percent in February, slightly less than the 0.6 percent decline seen in January, but nonetheless raising the threat of Japanese-style growth-sapping deflation across the euro zone.

  • McPharlin’s strong pre-season doesn’t please everyone

    Veteran Fremantle defender Luke McPharlin says he is as surprised as anyone about how well his pre-season has gone. McPharlin said retiring crossed his mind when he sustained a string of soft tissue injuries during last season, but had believed he had more football left in him.

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  • Lion jumps in car and mauls man on safari

    Australian tourist Brendan Smith got a lot more up close and personal with the wildlife than he expected while on safari in Johannesburg, South Africa. Just a day and a half after arriving in Joburg, Smith was on a safari when a lion jumped through the window of his car and started mauling his legs.

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  • China not quite ready for IMF currency basket, U.S. says

    The United States feels China's yuan does not yet meet the standards for inclusion in the International Monetary Fund's basket of global currencies, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said on Tuesday. The yuan's inclusion in the basket, which defines the value of the IMF's reserve assets, would add to China's global status while encouraging more central banks to hold the currency. Lew said that China had more work to do.

  • Virgin airport plans stall again

    Virgin Australia's new $190 million showpiece terminal has been delayed yet again and will not open until late this year, leaving the airline's executives exasperated. The terminal, which had been due to open in June last year, has been plagued by problems that have cost Virgin Australia tens of millions in lost revenue and operational inefficiencies. Virgin Australia chief executive John Borghetti said yesterday it was "disappointing that the launch of the terminal has been delayed yet again".

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  • Greece disagrees with sanctions against Russia, Tsipras says

    Greece's new government disagrees with sanctions against Russia, and wants to boost trade ties with the country, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said before a visit to Moscow next week. Speaking in an interview with Russia's Tass news agency published Tuesday, Tsipras said he considers sanctions to be a "road to nowhere" and that the reciprocal embargo Russia has imposed on food from the European Union has "seriously damaged" his country's economy. The U.S. and the EU imposed crippling economic sanctions against Russia over its annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula and support for an insurgency in eastern Ukraine.

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  • Roberts tries to shunt speculation over future aside

    Wales rugby great Jamie Roberts admits he is trying to put the uncertainty over his club future to the back of his mind as he prepares for Sunday's European Champions Cup home quarter-final between his present side Racing-Metro and last season's finalists Saracens. "I am still not sure what I will do at the end of the season," said Roberts, who has been linked with both a return to former club Cardiff Blues and also to English side Harlequins. While Racing have denied the links with Cardiff -- whom he left for the Paris club in 2013 -- or Harlequins Roberts like his compatriot Dan Lydiate has found it difficult to juggle the demands of his country's needs and that of his club.

  • Deposits tax will 'hurt ordinary Aussies'

    Banks and building societies have condemned a bank deposits tax plan as a burden on ordinary Australians and retirees. Treasurer Joe Hockey is pressing ahead with a proposal for a 0.05 per cent levy on deposits of up to $250,000, even though he criticised the former Labor government when it floated the idea ahead of the last election. A bank deposits insurance levy is likely to be unveiled in the May budget as part of a move to raise $500 million a year.

  • Podiatrist wife blows kisses in court

    The jailed Australian wife of murdered millionaire podiatrist Phillip Vasyli has blown kisses and told supporters "I'll be out" during a court appearance in The Bahamas. Donna Vasyli is charged with stabbing her husband to death at their Caribbean home in the exclusive gated community of Old Fort Bay. "It is claimed that you, on Tuesday, February 24, at New Providence, by means of unlawful harm, did intentionally cause the death of Phillip Vasyli," Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt told Vasyli during Monday's court appearance, The Bahamas' Tribune newspaper reported.

  • Six Expert Tips For Making The Best Pork Crackling

    It's time to get crackling for Crackle Day. Thursday, April 2, has been declared Crackle Day! To help celebrate this momentous occasion, we caught up with PorkFest ambassador and award-winning chef Colin Fassnidge, who has shared with us his top six tips for making the BEST crackling at home as part of his Roast Pork Loin with Crackling and Colcannon recipe.

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  • Tragedy hits family again as war victim's daughter, Salwa Haydar, stabbed to death at Bexley, Sydney

    A woman stabbed to death at a Sydney home on Tuesday was a Lebanese migrant whose mother was killed by Israeli fire during the 2006 Lebanon war. Salwa Haydar's husband, Haydar Haydar, was charged with her murder after the 45-year-old was killed at a unit in Bexley, in Sydney's south. An 18-year-old girl, believed to be Ms Haydar's daughter, was taken to hospital with serious hand injuries caused by "intervening in the incident", Superintendent David Donohue said.

  • Weatherman discovers coat hanger in his jacket on air

    A weatherman had the whole newsroom laughing after he whipped a wire coat hanger out of his jacket on air in the United States. Weatherman Steve Frazier was standing by the news desk with the two anchors when he realised something was wrong with his suit jacket. Needless to say, the news anchors couldn’t keep their cool and started laughing on set.

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  • The World’s ‘Most Beautiful Faces’ Revealed

    "For the male face of beauty, women drew a more feminine face than men - women rate a softer jaw-line, slimmer face, fuller lips and clean-shaven look as the most attractive, compared to the more masculine appearance that is considered the most attractive by men," said researcher Dr Soloman. The "ideal" faces, shown above, are said to most resemble Natalie Portman and David Gandy, though Soloman cautions that they represent the views of British citizens only.

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  • Builder levy rise hits new homes

    Building a new house or renovating will become more expensive under a State Government levy rise that amounts to a "cash grab", the building industry says. Industry bodies warned yesterday that a 52 per cent increase in the building services levy would be passed on to customers and add to WA's housing affordability problem. From July 1, the levy, which is paid by builders and funds the Building Commission, will increase from 0.09 per cent of the cost of the work being done to 0.137 per cent. For a $350,000 house, the levy would increase the price by $165.

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  • Jamie Oliver regrets heating up Gordon Ramsay food feud

    British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver said Tuesday he regretted saying rival cook Gordon Ramsay was jealous of his success and brushed off their simmering food feud as "no big deal". Both are successful celebrity television chefs and have traded barbs before - with Ramsay recently chiding the younger Oliver for not attending the launch of his own Hong Kong eatery, Jamie's Italian. Oliver, in Australia as part of his "revolution" to champion food education in schools, hit back on Sunday.

  • Pitbull befriends newborn kitten

    SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEOThis adorable kitten can consider itself no longer abandoned. Pitty, the pit bull developed immediate affection for Kitty, the rescued newborn kitten at the Mercy Animal Clinic in Garland, Texas. The 10-day old kitten was feeding

  • Scientists catch a feral cat killing a large mammal on camera 'for the first time'

    A Tasmanian scientist has caught on camera a feral cat killing and eating a four-kilogram pademelon, providing the best direct evidence of feral cats killing mammals heavier than two kilograms. Scientists suspected that feral cats were capable of taking down the larger animals after the remains of three- to four-kilogram animals were found, but until now a feral cat had not been caught in action. University of Tasmania researcher Bronwyn Fancourt told 936 ABC Hobart the event was caught by accident.

  • Lincoln Continental, the car of presidents, is returning

    Now, the Lincoln Continental is back. Thirteen years after the last Continental rolled off the assembly line, Ford Motor Co. is resurrecting its storied nameplate. After more than a decade of toying with alphabetical names like LS and MKS to be more like its foreign rivals, Ford's 98-year-old Lincoln brand is embracing its heritage.

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