• Kyle Sandiland's Cruel April Fools' Prank On Jackie O

    Jackie O was left in tears following the stunt. Photo: KISSFMNotorious breakfast radio host Kyle Sandilands may have just pulled off one of the meanest April Fools' Day pranks on co-host Jackie O to date. Kyle secretly recorded Jackie O's horrified reaction when her heavily pregnant personal assistant pretended to go into labour.

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  • Diners leave without paying hefty bill

    Proprietor Marc Kenly was disappointed by the action but said while it was not a huge amount, it was unfair to make future patrons foot their bill. Mr Kenly said the woman left with the baby, which staff thought nothing of because she may have gone to get something for the child from the car, which often happened. Mr Kenly said his ultimate goal was to encourage the patrons to return and pay their outstanding bill.

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  • Smaller boats agreed for America's Cup

    Paris (AFP) - America's Cup teams have voted to use smaller boats in the historic contest to save money, even though the decision has caused a split.For the 2017 contest, boats will be shrunk from 62 feet (19 metres) to 45-50 feet (13.7- 15.2 metres).

  • John Lennon's first wife dies of cancer at 75

    Cynthia Lennon with her son, Julian (L), in 2011. Photo: GettyCynthia, who was married to the musician from 1962-1968, passed away at her home in Mallorca Spain on Wednesday after battling the disease.READ: Kyle Sandiland's cruel April Fools prank on

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  • Emirates, Etihad planes involved in air traffic scare

    Jetliners from the United Arab Emirates' two main airlines avoided a possible midair collision after they got too close to each other earlier this week. The incident happened Sunday as passenger planes from Dubai-based Emirates and Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways were traveling in opposite directions between the Gulf federation and the island nation of Seychelles. Emirates, the Middle East's biggest carrier, said its flight 706 was returning to Dubai when what it called "an air traffic control incident" happened in airspace monitored by air traffic controllers in Mumbai, India.

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  • The worst things travellers have done

    Some people point their fingers at the Chinese, others swear it’s the Russians, and many have labelled American tourists as the worst in the world. From defacing ancient property to trashing hotel rooms, here are some of the rudest things tourists have ever done. The Colosseum in Rome is an international tourist attraction and has the distinction of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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  • Robin Williams restricted exploitation of his image for 25 years after death

    Unfortunately, the dispute overshadows one of the more innovative aspects of Robin Williams’ estate planning, which just might become a model for other celebrities preparing for their demise. After all, one thing his wife Susan and children Zachary, Zelda andCody won’t be discussing in court is intangible property like the late actor’s right of publicity. According to a review of the Robin Williams Trust — filed as an exhibit last Wednesday — Williams bequeathed rights to his name, signature, photograph and likeness to the Windfall Foundation, a charitable organization set up by Williams’ legal reps at the law firm of Manatt, Phelps.

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  • Banker leaves job days after Snapchat selfies found on daughter's Instagram

    The Chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland may have lost his job over a series of photos posted to social media by his daughter. Rory Cullinan, one of the highest-paid bankers at RBS, will leave his job after his daughter Bridget, 18, posted screenshots of his Snapchat selfies to her Instagram account. According to the UK’s Telegraph, Cullinan used photo-sharing app to send to Bridget images featuring captions that read: “Not a fan of board meetings xx”, “Boring meeting xx” and “Another friggin meeting”.

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  • Archaeologists unearth one of Britain's largest medieval graveyards

    An excavation has uncovered one of Britain's largest medieval cemeteries, containing more than 1000 'perfectly preserved' skeletons. Archaeologists discovered the human remains during an excavation beneath an old school building at Cambridge University - one of England's oldest and most prestigious universities. Images from the dig, showing almost perfectly preserved medieval bodies unearthed after centuries of burial, were released for the first time yesterday, in a report published by the Archaeological Journal.

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  • Abducted Qld teen contacts family

    A Queensland teenager who was abducted at gunpoint by her ex-partner has made contact with relatives. 18-year-old Billy-Anne Huxham was last seen at a Gilbert Street home at Caboolture on Tuesday morning. Officers spotted a Silver 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander with the Queensland registration number 789VNI, which they believed Ms Huxham was in, on the Bruce Highway at Kallangur several hours later.

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  • Lily-Rose Depp Is Your New Favourite It Girl

    The teen made a rare public appearance overnight, hitting the red carpet alongside her mother, Vanessa Paradis, at the Chanel Metiers d'Art show in New York, wearing a look from the brand's Spring/Summer Couture show. Lily-Rose has thus far largely stayed out of the glare of the celebrity spotlight, but we are wondering if that is all about to change - she's got all the markings of the next Bright Young Thing. Watch out Cara, Gigi and Kendall: You could soon be in for some stiff but oh-so-chic competition.

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  • Gran accidentally poisons family with expired hot chocolate

    An Italian grandmother has accidentally poisoned herself and several family members after making hot chocolate from sachets that expired 25 years ago. The 77-year-old woman named as Mrs Rosetta made the drink using the expired sachets after her two grandchildren and their friend asked for the delicious treat. Mrs Rosetta found the sachets at the back of her cupboard and mixed them into warm milk and served it to the three children, her son, her partner and herself, reports Ill Mattino.

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  • Meet Your 2015 Men's Health Man

    The MH team looked at one another in disbelief. Some shook their heads. “He can’t be serious,” seemed to be the collective sentiment rolling around the office. The source of our slack-jawed amazement? Damien Rider had just been told he’d be participating

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  • Anne Frank died earlier than thought, new study says

    Jewish teenager Anne Frank died in a Nazi concentration camp at least a month earlier than her official date of death, a new study said on Tuesday. "New research... has shed fresh light on the last days of Anne Frank and her sister Margot," the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam said on Tuesday, until now her official death date. The deaths of Anne Frank and her younger sister Margot in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in northern Germany were noted as between 1-31 March by the Red Cross at the time.

  • Teacher takes axe to the groin in class physics lesson

    A teacher was taught a harsh lesson in the inexorable laws of physics when a classroom experiment went awry. A video posted on YouTube shows the teacher lying on the floor with a plank of wood and block of cement on his chest. Unfortunately the staff member swung the axe with too much force and it cleaved through the concrete block before the blunt end crashed into the prone teacher's groin.

  • Greyhound grave 'tip of iceberg'

    Investigators probing allegations of systemic animal abuse in Queensland's greyhound industry say a mass dog grave is just the tip of the iceberg. Detective Superintendent Mark Ainsworth said the mass killing was "nothing short of abhorrent". "I appeal to people within the greyhound industry in Queensland - you know who you are, you know what you've been involved in," Det Supt Ainsworth said.

  • Defence may sell Leeuwin Barracks

    East Fremantle's historic Leeuwin Barracks could be sold for private housing as part of the biggest shake-up of the Defence Department since the 1970s. The Federal Government yesterday released its so-called First Principles Review of the department, promising to cut bureaucratic middle management and take 1000 uniformed Australian Defence Force personnel out of offices and put them back in operational units. More than 1000 Defence jobs will go as the Government tries to pay for expensive military equipment and foreign missions such as in Iraq.

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  • Sandwich rage forces emergency landing

    A violent confrontation between a passenger and a flight attendant has forced a plane to make an emergency landing – all because of sandwich. The easyJet A320 en route from Geneva to Kosovo was diverted to Rome on Tuesday when a passenger punched a flight attendant in the face, allegedly because he was tired of waiting for his food to arrive. Swiss news site 20 Minutes said the attack stunned the flight attendant.

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  • Man did not have a 'second of fun' on wife free holiday

    You would not know it from looking at him, but this man is on an amazing free trip that he won to Puerto Rico. The man known only as widgetdude on Reddit, won a free trip to San Juan but was not able to take his wife. ‘Won a trip to Puerto Rico and couldn’t take my wife.

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  • Kim Jong Un impersonator hooks up with 30-40 girls at Rugby Sevens

    The Hong Kong Rugby Sevens tournament is known for its awesome party atmosphere and no-one had more fun at this year’s event than “Jeremy” who ran riot dressed as the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un. Jeremy, who did not give his full name or much other information away when interviewed by the South China Morning Post, other than he works in finance in Hong Kong and clearly likes a good time and a good gee-up....and plenty of girls.