• Prince Charles frustrated by Middletons

    Britain's Prince Charles is reportedly frustrated by the influence Duchess Catherine's parents have in Prince William's life. The 66-year-old heir-to-the-throne is said to feel upset that his son and daughter-in-law - who are expecting their second child together - spend so much time with her parents Michael and Carole Middleton, including a recent holiday to Mustique, while he rarely gets to see his grandson Prince George, 19 months. The family have made few, if any, trips to Charles' Highgrove estate in Gloucestershire over the past year, with insiders speculating William is keen to protect his family from a similar "stiff" upbringing to the one he endured, while Carole is said to not get along particularly well with William's stepmother Duchess Camilla.

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  • Katie Price shows off 'natural' chest

    Katie Price has shown off her "natural" breasts for the first time. The 36-year-old star had to have her most recent implants removed last month after suffering from complications from the breast reduction operation. Katie has now unveiled the size of her normal bust by posting a photo on her YouGossip page.

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  • Chan, Sukumaran executions may be delayed

    The executions of Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan could be further delayed, but Indonesia's president has said "no way" to a prisoner swap offer. The Australians, now positioned on the island of Nusakambangan for execution, can't be executed this week as Indonesia's Attorney-General HM Prasetyo has not signalled their 72-hours notice period has begun. "About notification, it's a minimum three days before the execution," he said on Thursday.

  • And the average penis size is...

    Okay men, time to ‘fess up: How much time have you spent worrying that your penis size isn’t, well, “normal”?

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  • Kerr reveals top fit tip

    Miranda Kerr has revealed an unconventional trick for helping her keep her famously toned body in top condition. Rather than the intensive yoga and running routines she has spoken about in the past, the Aussie supermodel and entrepreneur said it was bouncing on a trampoline with her four-year-old son Flynn that made her feel most vital. "Nothing beats dancing and jumping on the trampoline with my son," Kerr said.

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  • Spanish judge orders ex-ruling party treasurers to stand trial

    A Spanish judge on Thursday ordered 40 people, including three former treasurers of the ruling Popular Party, to stand trial over an alleged kickback scheme at the heart of the party. The massive bribes-for-contracts scheme allegedly extended to six regional Popular Party governments and operated from 1999 to 2009, when investigations into the case began. The case has been a source of deep embarrassment to Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who faces a general election at the end of the year in which new anti-establishment party Podemos which has rallied against corruption is poised to make huge gains.

  • Kim Kardashian Goes Platinum Blonde

    Kim Kardashian's blonde do' was big news at Balmain's PFW show. On Thursday, Kim Kardashian debuted newly platinum locks at Paris Fashion Week for the Balmain runway show. The reality star thanked colourist Lorri Goddard, who is also behind Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lawrence’s colour, for getting the colour in “one try.” If you know anything about going platinum, that is an impressive feat.

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  • Women earn 16.4 percent less than men in EU

    Women earned on average 16.4 percent less than men in the European Union in 2013, with the gap even greater in many northern countries, the EU statistics agency Eurostat said Thursday. At 29.9 percent, the biggest salary gap was in Estonia, followed by Austria at 23 percent, the Czech Republic at 22.1 percent and Germany at 21.6 percent. Poland, the Czech Republic and Malta also registered big declines.

  • Pregnant woman discovers 'labour pains' actually bowel cancer

    An expectant mother has received the devastating news that the pain she thought was caused by the early arrival of her child was in fact bowel cancer. The Daily Mail reported that a year ago 32-year-old British woman Nina Langley was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, a disease which sometimes has similar symptoms to bowel cancer. Nina Langley, 32, pictured with baby Teddy and fiance Ed Cusick, was forced to undergo an emergency caesarian after doctors discovered she had bowel cancer that had spread to her liver.

  • Islamic State torches oil field near Tikrit as militia advance

    Islamic State militants have set fire to oil wells northeast of the city of Tikrit to obstruct an assault by Shi'ite militiamen and Iraqi soldiers trying to drive them from the Sunni Muslim city and surrounding towns, a witness said. The witness and a military source said Islamic State fighters ignited the fire at the Ajil oil field to shield themselves from attack by Iraqi military helicopters. The offensive is the biggest Iraqi forces have yet mounted against IS, which has declared an Islamic caliphate on captured territory in Iraq and Syria and spread fear across the region by slaughtering Arab and Western hostages and killing or kidnapping members of religious minorities like Yazidis and Christians.

  • Matera sues Leighton over quay

    Like most days during his AFL career, Phil Matera feels he has been thrust into a "David versus Goliath" duel, only this time it threatens bankruptcy. The former West Coast star is suing Leighton Contractors, the construction arm of Australia's biggest contracting company, for at least $4.7 million because of a deal that went sour over the Elizabeth Quay project. Mr Matera claims his business had direct losses of $3.58 million, mainly because the contractor did not agree he should be paid extra to replace "unsuitable soil" with landfill outside their contract.

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  • As Bugatti 'supercar' legend bows out, others wait in line

    The last Bugatti Veyron ever to be made has pride of place at the show for auto enthusiasts to bid farewell after the brand announced last month that it had sold the 450th and final model of the car with its 16-cylinder monster engine that produces up to 1,200 horsepower. "With the Veyron we created a modern icon, and this show is an opportunity to put the car on a pedestal and celebrate, and say thank you to everyone involved, and close the chapter," Stefan Brungs, Bugatti's head of sales, told AFP. Sweden's Koenigsegg, for instance, boasts it makes not "supercars", or even "hypercars", but full-blown "megacars".

  • US billionaire says WWII Japanese ship found in Philippines

    Manila (AFP) - Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen said Wednesday he had found one of Japan's biggest and most famous battleships on a Philippine seabed, some 70 years after American forces sank it during World War II.

  • 10 things you should know about omega-3s

    10 reasons to eat omega-3sFrom boosting your brain health to improving longevity, Nature’s Own dietitian Kate Save gives us 10 reasons why omega-3s are your body’s best friend1. They’re essential nutrients that can’t be made in the body The human body

  • Hamburg residents take revenge on late-night revelers with urine-repellent paint

    Residents of Hamburg's St. Pauli's nightclub district are getting their own back on late-night revelers who urinate on public buildings, with a new high-tech paint that sends the spray bouncing right back at them. A local interest group has applied the special water-repellent paint, also used in shipbuilding, on two especially frequented buildings in the renowned nightclub district near the port to deter "Wildpinkler", as Germans call them. "This paint job sends a direct message back to perpetrators that their wild urinating on this wall is not welcome," Julia Staron, who organized the group, told Reuters.

  • Bronco Thaiday under fire from Bennett

    A Brisbane back-rower was always going to be a talking point after the Broncos' NRL season opener against South Sydney at Suncorp Stadium. Unfortunately, it was not milestone man Corey Parker when the dust settled on Thursday night's 36-6 loss. Off contract Sam Thaiday looks to be at least relegated to the bench next round after Broncos coach Wayne Bennett took aim at the ill-disciplined Test forward following the Rabbitohs' rout.

  • Cancer survivor clears medical costs with cash from Million Dollar Minute

    Cancer survivor caught short with a $50,000 medical bill is now debt free after a financial windfall on Million Dollar Minute.

  • Jared Leto Debuts Shocking New Haircut

    If your heart was only a little cracked over hearing that Jared Leto cut off his lovely long locks, well that ticker is about to completely crack upon seeing his new platinum blond ‘do. Showing up at Balmain’s Paris Fashion Week show, the actor looked more like Draco Malfoy transferred to a prep school from Hogwarts and dressed inappropriately for the sunny weather than his usual cool rocker self. While it was always known that he would drastically alter his appearance to get into character — he’s the most method actor out there, losing more than 14 kilograms for Dallas Buyers Club and practically going nuts himself in Girl, Interrupted and American Psycho — becoming a bottle blonde was an unexpected twist in this week’s episode of Jared Leto’s Amazing Man Hair.

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  • Angry mob lynches rape accused to death in India

    A rape suspect was pulled out of a jail and lynched by a mob in northeastern India on Thursday, local reports said, with anger raging over the high rate of sexual violence in the country. "A mass protest rally against the rape was held at Dimapur (Nagaland's main commercial town) this morning after which students and angry people forced into the district jail and managed to pull out the accused," the Press Trust of India news agency said. Women in India have taken to the streets in anger over recent rape cases in the country.

  • Warner comforts young boy hit by massive six

    A young boy in the crowd was left in tears after being hit in the hand by one of David Warner's mammoth sixes. An ice pack seemed to soothe the young boy's woes, but the Warner rampage continued as the 28-year-old approached his double century.