Reeling in a real monster from the deep

Fisherman's giant manta ray catch

Weighing in at one tonne, this beastly sea creature wasn't an easy catch.

  • Joko rejects last-minute pleas

    Media in Cilicap are reporting being witness to harrowing scenes as the families of Andrew Chan and Myurun Sukumaran arrive to say their final goodbyes before the pair are executed. The Bali Nine pair could have less than 24 hours to live after President Joko Widodo's again ignored international pleas to abandon Indonesia's latest round of executions. Australian officials have taken distraught families into the port offices.

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  • Shock moment monkey attacks man for giving middle finger

    The moral of this story is, much like smiling at a proverbial crocodile, you should never give the middle finger to a monkey. CCTV footage has captured the moment a young man underestimated a staunch little Simian monkey's ability to read hand gestures.

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  • Spice Girls Boycott Geri Halliwell's Wedding

    Geri Halliwell and Christian Horner are set to tie the knot in the next few weeks in West London. Geri Halliwell may be marrying the man of her dreams in the next few weeks, but it looks like all her former Spice Girls bandmates won't be there to join the celebrations. Sources have confirmed that Mel C. will be busy working on Asia's Got Talent, while Victoria Beckham will be overseas with work commitments.

  • Brad Pitt Explains His Bruised Face at Autism Speaks Event

    Brad Pitt was noticeably bruised at an event for Autism Speaks on Saturday. Brad Pitt was looking noticeably banged-up when he appeared at the 3rd annual Light Up the Blues Concert in Hollywood on Saturday. "This is what happens when you try to run up steps in the dark, with your arms full, wearing flip flops," Pitt said in a statement to WHO.

  • At just over $60, this fake Apple Watch offers features the real one lacks

    In Shenzhen's famous Huaqiangbei electronics shopping district, you won't need to stand in any lines or make an appointment for these smartwatches. At 299 yuan—that's just over $60—you can pick up a smartwatch that looks quite similar to Apple's own creation, complete with replica Digital Crown and touch screen. What this no-name watch provides that Apple doesn't is phone calls right from the watch—without the need to connect to your smartphone—through a built-in microphone and surprisingly clear speaker.

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  • Natalie Barr: Celebrating 20 years on air!

    Over 13 years ago, a relatively unknown TV journalist named Natalie Barr slinked into TV’s night of nights – the Logie Awards – wearing a Collette Dinnigan dress she bought herself. 'Years ago, the [Channel Seven] wardrobe department wasn't established.

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  • IS doctor a 'sexually manipulative fraud': Reports

    The Australian doctor hailed as the face of Islamic State’s health service has been described as a “fraud” and a “creep” who slept with his patients, according to reports. Tareq Kamleh, 23, featured in the terror group's latest propaganda video urging medical professionals to join IS and help launch a healthcare service in Syria. Kamleh, who called himself Abu Yusuf in the video, said he had travelled from Australia to offer his services as part of his ‘jihad for islam’.

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  • Antonia Kidman's ex-husband Angus Hawley dies suddenly at 46

    Reports suggest that Hawley, 46, died of a heart attack while on a business trip in New York. Angus's brother Phillip released the following statement last night on behalf of the Hawley family. "We confirm that Angus Hawley has suddenly and very unexpectedly died of a suspected heart attack whilst in New York attending a conference.

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  • US sailor jumps from 10th floor

    A 22-year-old sailor from USS Carl Vinson jumped from the 10th storey of a Perth hotel after a row early this morning. The man was with a woman, also from the US aircraft carrier, at the Parmelia Hilton Perth on Mill Street about 1.15am. A WA police spokeswoman said it was believed the man and woman were involved allegedly in an altercation early this morning which led the man to jump from a balcony into a hotel pool.

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  • Internet rejoices after teenager helps elderly customer walk home

    A young supermarket employee has become an internet sensation after he helped an elderly customer walk home. Samantha-Jayne Brady took a photo of 18-year-old Christian Trouesdale as he held the man's hand and carried his shopping from an Aldi supermarket in the United Kingdom. “I asked my manager if it was OK to walk him home and he said it was the right thing to do, so I did,” he told The Bolton News.

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  • 24 Hours In 2 Minutes

    $A Up As Traders Await RBA SpeechThe Australian dollar is up as investors wait for a speech from Reserve Bank of Australia governor Glenn Stevens.Earlier this morning, the local currency was trading at 78.57 US cents, up from 78.06 cents on Monday.Glenn

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  • Sophia Bush's Ex-Boyfriend Confirmed Dead in Nepal Earthquake

    The death toll has risen to more than 1,300 in Nepal after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake destroyed the capital of Katmandu early Saturday, according to the New York Times. Dan Fredinburg, a Google executive in California, had spent the last three weeks scaling the daunting mountain before succumbing to the avalanche on Saturday, according to NBC News. Fredinburg's death was announced by the expedition team he was traveling with, U.K.-based Jagged Edge, via their website.

  • Air conditioning use poised to spike worldwide

    The use of air conditioning may rise dramatically by the end of the century, requiring far more electricity and sending pollutants into the atmosphere at unprecedented rates, researchers warned Monday. Refrigerators and air conditioners release hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which can be thousands of times more potent than carbon dioxide when it comes to trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and leading to global warming. Just a slight increase in income leads many people to purchase air conditioners to improve their quality of life in the sweltering tropics and subtropics, where some three billion people live, according to the study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a peer-reviewed US journal.

  • Boyfriend fought to save soulmate

    The boyfriend of an Albany teenager who drowned while fishing on rocks on Sunday has told how he desperately tried to save his "beautiful soulmate". In a Facebook post yesterday, Mr Kozlov said Ms Douglas slipped while throwing a fish in the water. "I looked back and she was face down in the water," Mr Kozlov wrote.

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  • Jimmy Choo’s Penang

    Born and raised in Penang, the renowned footwear designer has long been synonymous with glamour and a celebrity clientele — including, notably, the late Princess Diana. In Perth recently as part of his role as tourism ambassador for Malaysia, Professor Choo reminisced about this “very peaceful and very relaxing” time over lunch at Silks Restaurant in Crown Perth. A long-time London resident, Professor Choo continues to be a regular visitor to his birthplace, despite his hectic travel schedule.

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  • Hemsworth 'spent months' becoming Thor

    Chris Hemsworth spent "four or five months" preparing to become Thor. The 31-year-old hunk, who stars as the comic book hero in 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron', has revealed the lengths he goes to in order to fulfil the iconic role. Chris - who's reunited with the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo for the new movie - explained: "[Preparing] is a good four or five months of all the boring activities, lifting weights and eating lots and lots of protein.

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  • The Paris of the South knocks Drasko and Bianca south of the competition

    Bonsoir! Teams head back to the Paris of the South to dine at Ash and Camilla's French themed Ultimate Instant Restaurant. On driving to begin their grocery shop, it suddenly dawns on Ash that cooking French food for a French chef is a bit ballsy, but she thinks their menu has a certain je ne sais quoi. Camilla rushes back leaving Ash in the kitchen alone, with a touching realization that she seems to need Camilla to function at capacity.

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  • Ivan Milat's brother tells of killer's first victim

    The brother of Australia's most notorious killer Ivan Milat has broken a five-decade-long silence to reveal the murderer's first victim - a taxi driver he shot and paralysed in his first attempted "thrill kill". Boris Milat, who for decades tried to escape the Milat notoriety by changing his name and living quietly in country NSW, identified his brother's first victim on national television last night - and in doing so, made himself an enemy of the rest of the Milat clan. In his words, Boris has gone against the "Milat code" by speaking out against his serial killer brother, who the rest of the family maintain is innocent and the victim of a conspiracy.

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  • Anastasia and Tim back on The Block

    Anastasia and Tim have returned to The Block Triple Threat after quitting for just one day, with a promise to donate their winnings to charity. Anastasia was clearly still upset when she returned to The Block, giving Deanne the cold shoulder when she welcomed her back. “She got exactly what she has been giving me for the last ten weeks - nothing,” Anastasia told a camera operator.

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  • Chile begins volcano clean-up under eruption threat

    Residents whose homes were buried under mounds of stinking volcanic ash in southern Chile began the painstaking clean-up Sunday, under the threat of more eruptions from the volatile Calbuco volcano. The specter of heavy rain only added to the anxiety of thousands of people whose lives were turned upside down when Calbuco burst into life twice in as many days last week, having been dormant for more than 50 years. More than 6,500 people living nearby were told to evacuate after Calbuco erupted on Wednesday and Thursday, belching out a massive column of ash and lava, and triggering a spectacular showcase of Mother Nature's formidable powers.