Injured koala back on her paws

WATCH: Smokey back in the wild

FIRST ON 7: A koala badly burnt in a bushfire has been released back into the wild by the volunteers who saved her.

  • Kerry Katona's children in 'traumatic' car crash

    Kerry Katona's children were involved in a "traumatic" car crash. The nanny and kids were checked over in A&E when they eventually arrived at hospital for Heidi's appointment, and no one was injured, however Kerry - who is currently married to her third husband George Kay - has been left "distraught" by the event, and thinks her life is "cursed. Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the source added: "Kerry is distraught and feels cursed.

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  • Teacher allows students to have sex in classroom

    A maths teacher has been charged when he was found to have been allowing his students to have sex in his classroom closet. The discovery was made when a mother discovered texts between teacher, Quinton Wright, and her 14-year-old son, Fox59 reports. The middle school teacher had written texts saying ’y’all can’t be long’ and ‘I ain’t got no condoms’ and the unidentified woman says Wright allowed students private use of the room between 730 – 830am.

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  • Sharapova slams 'disrespectful' treatment of Nadal

    Maria Sharapova blasted the "disrespectful" treatment of fellow French Open champion Rafael Nadal on Friday. Nadal, the nine-time champion at Roland Garros and who boasts an astonishing record of 66 wins and just one defeat, comes into the 2015 tournament ranked seven in the world, his lowest in a decade. "Everyone expects so much of Rafa at this time of year.

  • Is Finland really getting ready for war with Russia?

    Finland has informed its 900,000 military reservists of what their roles would be in the event of a military crisis against a backdrop of rising tensions between Russia and its neighbors. The letters campaign by the Finnish army has ostensibly been carried out to "keep in touch" with its reservists, the Finnish Defense Ministry said on its website, and reservists have been asked to update their personal details that the army holds for them. The letters have been sent as a result of "an extensive reform starting in 2008 affected the task of many reservists and the Defense Forces contacted the reservists to inform them what their individual role would be should Finland enter a conflict," the military's website noted.

  • Perth gridlock to top nation

    Perth's roads will become Australia's most congested and its key rail lines approach "crush capacity", an audit of Australia's infrastructure needs reveals. Infrastructure Australia's examination of the nation's transport, electricity, water and communication needs has found road congestion will cost Perth more than $16 billion a year by 2031. Without change, Perth's congestion costs will eclipse those of Sydney, which has embarked on a series of road and rail projects.

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  • Couple killed by leaking fumes after having sex in parked car

    A couple has died by carbon monoxide poisoning which seeped in while they were having sex in a parked car. The US pair were found dead in a parked car in Kentucky late last week. Sheriffs told local media the pair were killed by carbon monoxide that seeped through a small hole in their sedan’s rusted exhaust pipe.

  • 'Keep an eye on those Asian girls': Kookai accused of racism

    A shopper has accused fashion brand Kookai of racism after she overheard a shop assistant point at her and warn a security guard to ‘keep an eye out for those two Asian girls’. Student Serena Xiao took to Kookai’s Facebook to complain about the alleged treatment after having her bags searched by a security guard in Melbourne’s Emporium shopping centre. ‘This is my first time shopping at Kookai and it will be my last time.

  • George Clooney may have 'crossed the line' with new prank on Brad Pitt

    George Clooney says he may have 'crossed the line' with his latest prank on Brad Pitt. George Clooney has revealed he may have "crossed the line" with a planned prank on on-off pal Brad Pitt. "I'm doing one now that I can't tell you about, but in a year you are going to hear I've been arrested—I'm not kidding, because I think I've crossed the line," George told BBC host Graham Norton.

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  • Parents horrified as cyclist runs down toddler

    Shocking images captured on CCTV show Lauren Howarth walking over to her car as little Lucie runs towards her mum as they headed off to school. Seconds later a young cyclist wearing a bright orange jacket swoops by and snags the toddler in his pedals. Ms Howarth said her daughter was dragged along the footpath until the cyclist fell off his bike.

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  • Rockefeller makes rare appearance ahead of 100th birthday

    David Rockefeller has made a rare public appearance ahead of his 100th birthday. The retired CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank on Friday formally announced the donation of 1,000 acres bordering Acadia National Park in Maine. The oldest member of the Rockefeller family stood and moved with the assistance of a walker.

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  • India's street dentists filling gap for the poor

    Ignoring noisy buses and curious onlookers, street dentist Allah Baksh plunges his hands into a patient's mouth to fit a sparkling set of dentures for $12 in the Indian city of Bangalore. With his plastic stool, mirror and glass cases of teeth on display, Baksh is among hundreds of such dentists frowned upon by their licenced counterparts in rapidly modernising India. "There are millions of poor people in this country who cannot pay for expensive dental treatment," Baksh told AFP in between customers at his makeshift clinic where his tools include a large, metal file.

  • Stockman: Stocks and bonds will 'crash soon'

    David Stockman has a stark warning for the world: Stocks and bonds are on the verge of a catastrophic collapse. Stockman questioned the real strength of the economy, noting that despite the fact that the U.S. is in the midst of one of the "longest expansion or recovery periods we've had in the post-war period," we're currently in month 78 of zero interest rates. By his logic, the market has become far too dependent on the Fed.

  • WA's hidden meth addicts

    Businessmen running big companies and footballers are among WA's hidden methamphetamine addicts, according to a drug rehabilitation expert. Tabitha Corser, a Drug and Alcohol Office-trained counsellor in private practice, said meth users were wrongly assumed to be mostly fly-in, fly-out workers. Ms Corser, who runs the Whitehaven Clinic, said addicts with money could hide their addiction.

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  • Giant kangaroo intimidates Brisbane's North Lakes

    Residents in North Lakes, Brisbane, are being kept on the hop.A massive kangaroo has been spotted on walking tracks in parks and even on the golf course.Smaller kangaroos are often seen in the area but the big buck stands out from the troop - he has a

  • Dwayne Johnson's impressed by beautiful Kyle Minogue

    Dwayne Johnson 'The Rock' went onto the set of 'San Andreas' on his day off just to see Kylie Minogue. Speak at the world premiere of 'San Andreas' at the Odeon on London's Leicester Square, he told BANG Showbiz: "I got to know Kylie and she is great. When asked what drew him to the film about an earthquake epidemic - also starring leading ladies, Carla Gugino and Alexandra Daddario - the 'Scorpion King' star joked he did it for his attractive female co-stars.

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  • Dutch cabinet backs partial Islamic burqa ban

    The Dutch cabinet on Friday approved a partial ban on wearing the face-covering Islamic veil, including in schools, hospitals and on public transport. "Face-covering clothing will in future not be accepted in education and healthcare institutions, government buildings and on public transport," the government said in a statement after the cabinet backed Interior Minister Ronald Plasterk's bill. The ban does not apply to wearing the burqa on the street, but only "in specific situations where it is essential for people to be seen" or for security reasons, Prime Minister Mark Rutte told journalists after the cabinet meeting.

  • Boris an outcast from Milat clan

    Boris Milat arranges the rifles on the dining room table - a good half-dozen spit-polished weapons - and prompts me to pick up one. Boris Milat hasn't gone by that name in more than a decade but he can't change his DNA. It is a combination of loyalty and fear that has kept Boris silent about Ivan's crimes for decades and turned him into a recluse after his brother's arrest.

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  • The Duggars Respond to Reports That Josh Duggar Was Accused of Child Molestation

    Reality star Josh Duggar and his family have responded to claims he was accused of molesting five underage girls as a teenager. Photo: Getty Images"Twelve years ago, as a young teenager, I acted inexcusably for which I am extremely sorry and deeply regret

  • Bianchi condition remains 'stagnant' says father

    A year after seeing him enjoy the happiest weekend of his Formula One career, Philippe Bianchi on Friday revealed that his son Jules' neurological condition was "stagnant" and his family were prepared to face his death. The 25-year-old French racing driver finished ninth in last year?s Monaco Grand Prix, earning the Marussia team their first and, to date, only points-scoring finish in the sport, but suffered life-threatening head injuries when he crashed during last October?s Japanese Grand Prix. "The situation is stagnant," Bianchi senior told Canal+.

  • Vic man invades home, attacks teen girl

    A Melbourne father believes he spoke to a young man on the street who just hours later invaded their home and sexually assaulted his teenage daughter. The 16-year-old was sleeping in a bungalow at the rear of her family home in Cheltenham when she woke to find a man sitting on the edge of her bed at 2.30am on Thursday.