• Katie Price shows off 'natural' chest

    Katie Price has shown off her "natural" breasts for the first time. The 36-year-old star had to have her most recent implants removed last month after suffering from complications from the breast reduction operation. Katie has now unveiled the size of her normal bust by posting a photo on her YouGossip page.

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  • Prince Charles frustrated by Middletons

    Britain's Prince Charles is reportedly frustrated by the influence Duchess Catherine's parents have in Prince William's life. The 66-year-old heir-to-the-throne is said to feel upset that his son and daughter-in-law - who are expecting their second child together - spend so much time with her parents Michael and Carole Middleton, including a recent holiday to Mustique, while he rarely gets to see his grandson Prince George, 19 months. The family have made few, if any, trips to Charles' Highgrove estate in Gloucestershire over the past year, with insiders speculating William is keen to protect his family from a similar "stiff" upbringing to the one he endured, while Carole is said to not get along particularly well with William's stepmother Duchess Camilla.

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  • Will Smith: 'I fell in love with my costar'

    Will Smith has confessed he fell in love with Stockard Channing after the two co-starred in Six Degrees of Separation. Will Smith may be happily married to Jada PInkett Smith - but she wasn't always the woman on his mind. In a recent interview with GQ, Smith, 46, admitted that he fell deeply in love with a female co-star 25 years older than him while he was experimenting with method acting while filming Six Degrees of Separation with Stockard Channing and Donald Sutherland.

  • Final push to save Chan and Sukumaran

    As Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan face death's door, the federal government is making its final push to convince Indonesia's president to spare them from execution. The government may have more time for the delicate mission, after Joko Widodo indicated the Bali Nine drug smugglers will not be executed this week. Chan, 31, and Sukumaran, 33, were transferred to Nusakambangan on Wednesday, the island off central Java where, along with up to eight others, the two men are set to be executed by firing squad.

  • Probe into foreign homebuyers

    The Federal Government is investigating claims that foreigners have illegally bought homes in Perth. The West Australian _believes that complaints by local owners about certain purchases have been made directly to the Foreign Investment Review Board, which is looking into the allegations. There have been concerns in Perth real estate circles that people on temporary residency visas - who are entitled to buy established homes as long as they sell on leaving the country - have kept their properties as investments.

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  • Do You Need Some New Dumbbells?


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  • Mexico president wraps up UK visit with $1bn oil deal

    Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto ended his three-day state visit to Britain on Thursday by overseeing the signing of deals that boost ties between the two countries in energy, including a $1 billion oil agreement. Under the deal, Britain will provide Mexican energy firms with a $1 billion credit line (908 million euros) for buying British technology. Pena Nieto was joined by Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael in the city of Aberdeen, the hub of Britain's North Sea oil industry.

  • Mars' giant sea revealed

    By measuring the different amounts of common H2O (which we know as water) and HDO (where one of the hydrogens is replaced by deuterium, a heavier version of the same element), as well as how much of either of them escapes out of the atmosphere over time, researchers can estimate the former water content of an alien body. It's like looking at a mixture of water and oil, explained the study's first author Geronimo Villanueva, a scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.

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  • Kerr reveals top fit tip

    Miranda Kerr has revealed an unconventional trick for helping her keep her famously toned body in top condition. Rather than the intensive yoga and running routines she has spoken about in the past, the Aussie supermodel and entrepreneur said it was bouncing on a trampoline with her four-year-old son Flynn that made her feel most vital. "Nothing beats dancing and jumping on the trampoline with my son," Kerr said.

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  • Perth faces big growing pains

    Perth will have to find space for at least another two million people by the middle of the century, putting pressure on the city's transport, health and education systems. Intergenerational Report figures suggest the nation's population is growing even faster than expected. The fourth Intergenerational Report predicts Australia will be home to almost 40 million people by 2055.

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  • Where the most millionaires are moving-and fleeing

    According to a new study from global real estate consultant Knight Frank with Fragomen, the immigration specialist for the wealthy, more millionaires than ever are looking for homes in other countries. So where are millionaires moving from and going to to? The second largest millionaire loser is India, which saw 43,400, or 27 percent of its millionaires, leave the country in those 10 years.

  • Australian Dollar at Potential Turning Point

    DailyFX.com - Receive the Weekly Speculative Sentiment Index report via PDF via David’s e-mail distribution list. AUDUSD - The ratio of long to short positions in the AUDUSD stands at -1.14 as 47% of traders are long. Yesterday the ratio was -1.18

  • This is how long it takes to become a millionaire

    Author Thomas Corley has been busy studying the habits of the rich and poor over the last five years, and through that research has found how long it takes to make it rich. “That’s how long it took the average self-made millionaire, according to my data.

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  • Tests confirm family killed in murder-suicide

    A Queensland grandfather suspected of killing his daughter and grandson west of Brisbane took his own life, a post-mortem examination has found. The bodies of pregnant woman Kris-Deann Sharpley, 27, her seven-year-old son Jackson and her father Derek, 52, were found in a home at Biddeston, outside Toowoomba, on Monday evening. Pathology results relating to Mr Sharpley have confirmed what police originally suspected, Detective Inspector David Isherwood said.

  • Lion opens tourists’ car door during safari

    Forget opposable thumbs, one enterprising lion has figured out how to open car doors with its teeth and terrify unsuspecting tourists.

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  • Rio Tinto looking to slash more jobs

    Mining giant Rio Tinto is looking to slash hundreds of jobs as a new round of cost cutting gets underway. Iron ore managers have reportedly begun cutting dozens of positions at the company's Pilbara operations in Western Australia as part of a process unions fear will leave up to 800 employees out of work. Workers in the Pilbara are worried the axe will fall on hundreds of jobs over the coming weeks and have called for the company to release details of any layoffs.

  • Warner comforts young boy hit by massive six

    A young boy in the crowd was left in tears after being hit in the hand by one of David Warner's mammoth sixes. An ice pack seemed to soothe the young boy's woes, but the Warner rampage continued as the 28-year-old approached his double century.

  • As Bugatti 'supercar' legend bows out, others wait in line

    The last Bugatti Veyron ever to be made has pride of place at the show for auto enthusiasts to bid farewell after the brand announced last month that it had sold the 450th and final model of the car with its 16-cylinder monster engine that produces up to 1,200 horsepower. "With the Veyron we created a modern icon, and this show is an opportunity to put the car on a pedestal and celebrate, and say thank you to everyone involved, and close the chapter," Stefan Brungs, Bugatti's head of sales, told AFP. Sweden's Koenigsegg, for instance, boasts it makes not "supercars", or even "hypercars", but full-blown "megacars".

  • Hackers threaten phone in your pocket, experts warn

    The boom in smartphones among often careless users has made happy hunting for hackers, whose virus attacks and hijacking of unprotected mobiles are multiplying, experts warn. Security analysts and companies at this week's Mobile World Congress, a top wireless telecom fair in Barcelona, Spain, said phone makers and users must be on guard to stop hackers getting into your pocket. "With smartphones we are going through what we went through 15 years ago with personal computers," said Tanguy de Coatpont, head of the French branch of international anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab.

  • 'Drunk' woman loses to landlord

    A woman left paraplegic after falling over a balustrade in a rental home has failed in her claim for damages against the landlord after a judge ruled she was extremely drunk at the time. On Christmas Day 2009, Jane Hutch and her two children were toasting her new two-storey townhouse in Doubleview when disaster struck. Ms Hutch, who was 47 at the time, toppled over an upstairs balustrade and fell metres to the tiled floor below, suffering head and spinal injuries that left her permanently confined to a wheelchair.

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  • Defective gene can affect feel-good cycle

    While you may not yet have heard of it, MTHFR is the acronym for methylene tetra hydro folate reductase, a gene that produces a crucial enzyme (it is not a rude text message). MTHFR is important in many functions of the human body but this article will focus on its connection to mental health issues — depression, autism, schizophrenia, ADHD and bipolar disorder. One such process is methylation.

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