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WATCH: Most offensive ads of 2015

A list of the top 10 most-complained-about ads of this year has been released, and there are some shockers.

  • What happens if Greece defaults on IMF?

    Greece could take a risky step into the unknown Tuesday if it misses, as expected, a 1.5 billion euro ($1.7 billion) debt payment to the International Monetary Fund. Already on its second IMF crisis bailout program, if Athens does not make the payment it would immediately be cut off from access to Fund services and facilities. To help fund a budget shortfall and keep current on all its obligations, Athens has been negotiating to get another 7.2 billion euros in bailout funds from the IMF and European Union.

  • The Queen told Lewis Hamilton off for bad manners

    Britain's Queen Elizabeth told Lewis Hamilton off for his bad table manners. Lewis said: "I got invited to a lunch and was sitting next to The Queen. Despite this telling off, Lewis went on to say that The Queen is "really cool".

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  • Kyrgios embroiled in Wimbledon controversy

    Volatile tennis star Nick Kyrgios has no plans to tone down his antics after being embroiled in more controversy on the opening day of Wimbledon. Kyrgios's angry exchange with chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani and the threat of a mid-match strike overshadowed his blazing first-round win over Argentine Diego Schwartzman. Believing he'd been dudded a point before dropping serve to fall behind 4-2, Kyrgios told Lahyani: "No, no, no. That's not the rules" and demanded a senior tournament official come to court two to settle the issue.

  • Bill Hudson says children Oliver and Kate are ‘dead’ to him

    Oliver and Kate Hudson have been publicly disowned by their father, Bill Hudson. Bill Hudson has publicly disowned his children Oliver and Kate Hudson after a cruel Instagram caption, posted on Father’s Day. The bitter history between the father and the children he shares with ex wife, Goldie Hawn, was revisited after Oliver, 38, posted a throwback photo of himself, Kate and their 65-year-old father, with the caption: "Happy Abandonment Day".

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  • Sydney family attack 'appalling': police

    A family that was terrorised by masked intruders in their southern Sydney home were in a dispute with neighbours, locals say. Neighbours say the victims had been arguing with another family in Oldfield Place in the lead up to the Sunday evening attack. Oldfield Place resident, Slivci Vaselavska, said neighbours of the attacked family were always causing trouble.

  • The 10 most offensive ads of 2015

    When it comes to advertisements, language, discrimination and sex, are among the most complained about issues.The Advertising Standards Bureau has released a list of the top 10 most-complained-about ads so far in 2015.Complaints have regarded everything

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  • The secret life of cruise-ship crew

    Cathryn Chapman, a former cruise-ship employee, has spilled the saucy secrets of working on the high seas in a new book. She joins Mon and Tom to tell all.

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  • No contact by Sharrouf kids' grandma: AFP

    Australian Federal Police say they've never had direct contact with the mother-in-law of terrorist Khaled Sharrouf over the return of her daughter and grandchildren from Syria. Karen Nettleton has told the ABC she spoke to the AFP about how to get Sharrouf's wife, Tara, and three grandchildren, home from the war-torn country, but after a few months was told they could not help. The AFP's counterterrorism chief Neil Gaughan has told The Daily Telegraph there was no contact between the AFP and Ms Nettleton, nor with her daughter Tara.

  • Paris Hilton Is The Victim Of The Cruelest Prank Ever

    Not long after takeoff, the plane's engine began to struggle and sputter, with Hilton beginning to look terrified as she asked, "What's happening? The plane ride soon descends into absolute chaos, with Hilton screaming and crying in terror. "No! I don't want to jump...Why can't we just land?" Hilton screams.

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  • TV reporter gets revenge on drunken fans

    For more than a year the FHRITP trend – or "f—k her right in the p----y" – has been the bane of television reporters around the world. Now one reporter at least has had her revenge. Shauna Hunt from CityNews in Canada decided she had had enough and is now being hailed a hero for her systematic takedown of a group of Toronto FC fans who were preparing to hijack her report with the lewd catchphrase.

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  • 7 Most Common Makeup Mistakes That Can Make You Look Old

    All of us make such beauty blunders at some point, but are unaware of it. Well do not worry, we are here for you, keep scrolling and take a look at some very common makeup mistakes that end up making you look older. If you put on foundation, layer after layer to hide those fine lines believing that it will make you look prettier, then wait, you are making a mistake here.

  • Tunisia makes first beach attack arrests as UK urges fightback

    Tunisia said Monday it had made its first arrests after a beach massacre that killed 38 people, as European officials paid tribute to victims of the country's worst jihadist attack. British Home Secretary Theresa May, visiting the scene of Friday's gun assault at a holiday resort near Sousse, vowed that "the terrorists will not win" after London warned that Britain's death toll could rise to "around 30". The massacre, claimed by the Islamic State group, was the deadliest for Britain since the 2005 London bombings.

  • Rent vs. Buy: Best strategy for 2015

    Most people will tell you that rent is dead money, that it’s better to invest your money in your own house rather than paying off someone else’s mortgage, but paying interest to the bank for your home loan is also dead money, so the decision is not always black and white. New research from the RBA, which aimed to determine whether it is cheaper to rent or buy, suggests it all comes down to future house price growth. The research found that if house prices were to keep growing at the average rate of the past sixty years, then buying a house now would be about as costly as renting.

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  • Aussie mum transforms into Wonder Woman

    An Aussie mum is making a name for herself among comic book fans making exact replicas of superhero costumes and even casting herself as a real-life Wonder Woman.

  • Spicing up Malaysia's beloved 'fatty rice'

    Zainal Abidin's tiny food stall serves just one item and opens for only a few hours but is besieged each day by nearly a thousand customers clamouring for Malaysia's undisputed national dish, nasi lemak. Born as a cheap breakfast, nasi lemak is today eaten throughout the day, and is on an expanding culinary sojourn with the classic recipe continually tweaked, and even innovations such as nasi lemak pizza and ice cream appearing on menus. "Demand for nasi lemak has gone up a lot over the years because it is not just for breakfast anymore," said Zainal, 57, whose mother first opened their "Nasi Lemak Tanglin" stall in 1948.

  • Phone, internet charges to fall

    Phone and internet bills are likely to fall after the competition watchdog recommended Telstra cut the price it charges other telcos to access its copper wire network. Many of Telstra's phone and internet rivals pay the telco giant to provide phone and broadband services via the Telstra network. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says that price should fall by 9.6 per cent from October, as the number of Australians relying on the copper network falls as it is progressively replaced by the national broadband network.

  • Djokovic fears smear campaign in 'Becker signals' row

    Defending champion Novak Djokovic fears he is becoming the victim of a smear campaign after his opening Wimbledon victory on Monday was overshadowed by more allegations of cheating. The world number one and top seed eased to a 6-4, 6-4, 6-4 win over Germany's Philipp Kohlschreiber on Centre Court but many eyes were glued to the Serb's coach Boris Becker after the German legend admitted he employed ways to instruct his player even though coaching is banned during a match. Djokovic had spent large parts of the weekend defending Becker, a three-time Wimbledon winner, but admitted that many coaches use subtle means to encourage their players.

  • Puerto Rico says it can't pay debts: report

    Puerto Rico's governor said that the island is unable to pay its approximately $72 billion in debt, a statement likely to send waves through the US economy, The New York Times reported Sunday. "The debt is not payable," Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla told the paper. Garcia Padilla and senior staff members told the publication last week during an interview that the island, a US commonwealth, would likely seek concessions from perhaps as many as all of its creditors.

  • China's Great Wall 'is disappearing'

    Around 30 percent of China's Ming-era Great Wall has disappeared over time as adverse natural conditions and reckless human activities -- including stealing the bricks to build houses -- erode the UNESCO World Heritage site, state media reported. The Great Wall is not a single unbroken structure but stretches for thousands of kilometres in sections, from Shanhaiguan on the east coast to Jiayuguan in the windswept sands on the edge of the Gobi desert. Construction first begun in the third century BC, but nearly 6,300 kilometres were built in the Ming Dynasty of 1368-1644, including the much-visited sectors north of the capital Beijing.

  • Celebrities At The Tennis (17 photos)

    With Wimbledon about to start, we can also expect the celebrity attendees to serve up their annual courtside antics. With the chicest shades, latest designer frocks, as well as choice in company, there’s no doubt the stands will be watched just at carefully

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