• Eating chips, pizzas and ready meals could take decades off your life

    Making poor food choices could ultimately kill you.

  • Courteney Cox lost her virginity at 21

    The 54-year-old actress - who is in a relationship with Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid - has revealed that her mother, also called Courteney, didn't teach her a lot about sex and so she was really "backwards" about the topic. But once her mother realised she was in a serious relationship with one of her boyfriends she encouraged her to take the plunge and have sex. Speaking on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' on Wednesday (13.02.19), she shared: "My mom didn't talk to me about one thing that I should have known [about sex].

  • 'They're all dead': Queensland floods decimate native wildlife

    'I've been flying around in the helicopter for a couple of days and I've not seen one kangaroo, they're all dead.'

  • Prickly pears: 'humble' cactus brings hope to Algeria

    For generations Algerians like the Gueldasmi family have barely eked out a living growing prickly pear fruits, but thanks to the cactus's new found virtues their lives are steadily improving.

  • Woman finds venomous redback spider in Aldi grapes

    'It could have been my grandchildren who I asked to empty the bag.'

  • Rebel Wilson didn't expect Liam Hemsworth to be funny

    Rebel Wilson didn't expect Liam Hemsworth to be "funny' because he's "so hot". The 'Hunger Games' actor plays one of two of the 38-year-old comedienne's alter-ego Natalie's love interests in the forthcoming rom-com, Blake, and Rebel has confessed she never imagined he would be "the funniest guy" on set. Appearing on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', she said: "Normally, people that are so hot like that aren't that funny.

  • U.S.-owned utility to close two coal plants, in blow to Trump

    The Tennessee Valley Authority voted on Thursday to close two aging coal-fired power plants, including one supplied by a company led by a major supporter of President Donald Trump, who had urged the U.S.-owned utility to keep it open. This decision is about economics," said President and Chief Executive Bill Johnson, who is retiring from the TVA. The 870-megawatt Bull Run coal plant in Tennessee will close by December 2023 and the 971-MW Paradise 3 plant in Kentucky will be shut by December 2020.