• Sharapova slams 'disrespectful' treatment of Nadal

    Maria Sharapova blasted the "disrespectful" treatment of fellow French Open champion Rafael Nadal on Friday. Nadal, the nine-time champion at Roland Garros and who boasts an astonishing record of 66 wins and just one defeat, comes into the 2015 tournament ranked seven in the world, his lowest in a decade. "Everyone expects so much of Rafa at this time of year.

  • Is Finland really getting ready for war with Russia?

    Finland has informed its 900,000 military reservists of what their roles would be in the event of a military crisis against a backdrop of rising tensions between Russia and its neighbors. The letters campaign by the Finnish army has ostensibly been carried out to "keep in touch" with its reservists, the Finnish Defense Ministry said on its website, and reservists have been asked to update their personal details that the army holds for them. The letters have been sent as a result of "an extensive reform starting in 2008 affected the task of many reservists and the Defense Forces contacted the reservists to inform them what their individual role would be should Finland enter a conflict," the military's website noted.

  • Teacher allows students to have sex in classroom

    A maths teacher has been charged when he was found to have been allowing his students to have sex in his classroom closet. The discovery was made when a mother discovered texts between teacher, Quinton Wright, and her 14-year-old son, Fox59 reports. The middle school teacher had written texts saying ’y’all can’t be long’ and ‘I ain’t got no condoms’ and the unidentified woman says Wright allowed students private use of the room between 730 – 830am.

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  • Myanmar to deport migrants as UN chief urges further rescues

    A group of migrants recently rescued by Myanmar will be deported to Bangladesh, officials confirmed Saturday, as the United Nations chief called on regional nations to prioritise saving the lives of those still stranded at sea. Most are Muslim Rohingyas from the western Rakhine state in Myanmar, where they are not recognised as citizens and instead referred to as "Bengalis" or illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. More than 3,500 migrants have swum to shore or been rescued off the coasts of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Bangladesh since a Thai crackdown in early May on human-trafficking threw the illicit trade into chaos.

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  • Couple killed by leaking fumes after having sex in parked car

    A couple has died by carbon monoxide poisoning which seeped in while they were having sex in a parked car. The US pair were found dead in a parked car in Kentucky late last week. Sheriffs told local media the pair were killed by carbon monoxide that seeped through a small hole in their sedan’s rusted exhaust pipe.

  • David Letterman Relives His Famous Taco Bell Stint for Last Show

    David Letterman’s last show has just aired, the final culmination of weeks of tributes that included chef Daniel Boulud’s breakdown of a disastrous appearance in the 90s, Martha Stewart’s highlight reel of her nearly 50 guest spots, and Bill Murray jumping out of a cake. Let’s just say that things don’t go smoothly.

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  • Man pronounced dead, then moves and breathes - authorities

    About 50 minutes later, the medical examiner arrived and notified the man's family of his death. As the examiner readied the body to be taken to the morgue, the man began to move his left arm and right leg, the report said.

  • 'Keep an eye on those Asian girls': Kookai accused of racism

    A shopper has accused fashion brand Kookai of racism after she overheard a shop assistant point at her and warn a security guard to ‘keep an eye out for those two Asian girls’. Student Serena Xiao took to Kookai’s Facebook to complain about the alleged treatment after having her bags searched by a security guard in Melbourne’s Emporium shopping centre. ‘This is my first time shopping at Kookai and it will be my last time.

  • Giant kangaroo intimidates Brisbane's North Lakes

    Residents in North Lakes, Brisbane, are being kept on the hop.A massive kangaroo has been spotted on walking tracks in parks and even on the golf course.Smaller kangaroos are often seen in the area but the big buck stands out from the troop - he has a

  • Parents horrified as cyclist runs down toddler

    Shocking images captured on CCTV show Lauren Howarth walking over to her car as little Lucie runs towards her mum as they headed off to school. Seconds later a young cyclist wearing a bright orange jacket swoops by and snags the toddler in his pedals. Ms Howarth said her daughter was dragged along the footpath until the cyclist fell off his bike.

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  • Stockman: Stocks and bonds will 'crash soon'

    David Stockman has a stark warning for the world: Stocks and bonds are on the verge of a catastrophic collapse. Stockman questioned the real strength of the economy, noting that despite the fact that the U.S. is in the midst of one of the "longest expansion or recovery periods we've had in the post-war period," we're currently in month 78 of zero interest rates. By his logic, the market has become far too dependent on the Fed.

  • Who are the Chinese buyers in Australia?

    Hong Kong documentary maker Melissa Gecolea visited Australia recently to film Chinese buyer activity in the property market. "We're finding that in certain cases, property prices are being driven up, but it depends on what kinds of properties you're talking about," Ms Gecolea says. Melissa Gecolea says many buyers at auctions are third or fourth generation Australian-Chinese, rather than investors from China.

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  • Boris an outcast from Milat clan

    Boris Milat arranges the rifles on the dining room table - a good half-dozen spit-polished weapons - and prompts me to pick up one. Boris Milat hasn't gone by that name in more than a decade but he can't change his DNA. It is a combination of loyalty and fear that has kept Boris silent about Ivan's crimes for decades and turned him into a recluse after his brother's arrest.

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  • Model meets her new Beau

    When local brothers Beau LeFort and Toby Kruger-LeFort went for dinner Monday night the last person they expected to see was the Face of Myer and former Miss Universe winner Jennifer Hawkins. When Toby told Beau it was Hawkins, he didn’t believe it, but after a double-take he realised it was in fact the 2004 Miss Universe winner. The star-struck lads avoided disturbing Hawkins during dinner – although Beau cheekily posted to his Facebook page he was “having dinner with Jennifer Hawkins” – and approached her after hoping to get a happy snap with her.

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  • Russian woman shoots herself taking selfie

    A 21-year-old Russian woman shot herself in the head when she tried to take a selfie with a pellet gun pointed at her temple, Moscow police report on Friday. When trying to take the selfie in her office on Thursday, she pulled the trigger of an air gun left behind by a security guard.

  • Female Cricket Players Get Much-Needed Pay Rise

    Top Australian cricketer Ellyse Perry photographed for our #wearethe51 April issue special. Cricket Australia has announced that our top women players are set to get a pay rise. It’s a move in the right direction, according to Cricket Australia chief James Sutherland but “we are still working towards the day when Australia's female cricketers will be able to earn a full-time, professional living from cricket.

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  • Low-paid mums lose thousands

    Some of Australia's lowest paid female workers will be up to $11,000 worse off because of Tony Abbott's changes to paid parental leave. While the Government has focused on public servants "double dipping" taxpayer and employer-funded leave, the changes will also hurt thousands of shop assistants. An investigation by The Weekend West has found that checkout operators at Woolworths will lose $6550.

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  • Police officer caught karate kicking suspect drink driver in head

    Jaw-dropping footage shows the moment a police officer karate kicked a suspected drink driver as fellow officers watched on.The 41-year-old officer can be seen kicking the suspect across the head twice.He kicks the suspect with his left foot and then

  • The gross truth about germs and airplanes

    Every single time I board a plane for a long-haul flight, I know I will catch a cold on board. It happens pretty much without fail. And no amount of Vitamin C, echinacea, or hand sanitiser seems to do the trick.In some cases, the runny nose, headache,

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  • US agents plotted to find bin Laden via meds: report

    The United States plotted to find Osama bin Laden by concealing tracking devices in medical supplies, possibly through Red Cross hospitals, a report said Thursday, citing documents leaked by former security contractor Edward Snowden. The Intercept news site quoted from a National Security Agency slide presentation dated June 2010 which discussed the possibility of going from "Pharma to Target" by penetrating "the non-electronic moat" that protected bin Laden from surveillance in his Pakistan hideout. Titled "Medical Pattern of Life: Targeting High Value Individual #1," the presentation cites CIA reports on the Al-Qaeda chief's poor health and invokes a scenario in which spy agencies target the "supply chain" of likely medicine and equipment destined for bin Laden.