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  • Rival coach exposes brutal truth about Israel Folau scandal

    Springboks coach Rassie Erasmus has dropped a brutal truth bomb.

  • Baby dies after grandfather gives him alcohol at party

    A grandfather has allegedly caused the death of a one-month-old child by giving him a sip of alcohol.

  • Extraordinary $1 million detail in photo of Roger Federer's wife

    Mirka Federer stole the spotlight during Roger's epic Wimbledon final.

  • Yahoo Lifestyle

    Dave Hughes, Grant Denyer and other celebs old face app transformations

    If you haven’t by now seen a photo of yourself in 50 years then good on you for avoiding the latest craze to sweep social media.Introducing the ‘old face’ trend - curtesy of FaceApp - which gives people the ability to see what they would look like once they age.It’s a truely terrifying experience to say the least. Made even worse if you don’t see much of change.The editing app has become so popular that a host of celebrities have also flooded their online accounts with their own renditions.“Do not let anyone do that older look thing on you,” comedian and TV host Dave Hughes captioned this terrifying snap.Grant Denyer's photo looked shockingly real as he joked that having ‘Bali-belly for 4 days is rather dehydrating’.The Studio 10 panel also jumped on the bandwagon showing Cassandra Thorburn what she would look like using the old face app. She was less than impressed.Take a look at some of our favourites in the gallery.What is the old face app?If you’ve missed all the hype surrounding the ‘old face’ trend and aren’t sure how people are ageing themselves, this is how.They’re using an an app called FaceApp, which is now the top trending free app in the iTunes App Store. You can download and use for free for three days.However be warned, the app’s privacy policy said it collects the pictures you upload to its service, so keep in mind that it’s keeping the selfies you take.Got a story tip or just want to get in touch? Email us at more lifestyle and celebrity news? Follow Yahoo Lifestyle on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.Or sign up to our daily newsletter here.

  • 'Extremely disruptive' woman cops $151k fine for triggering flight diversion

    Fighter jets had to intervene to escort the plane back to London Stansted Airport.

  • Mazda issues urgent recall for three popular car models

    Mazda has issued its second major safety recall in days, this time affecting three popular models.

  • Man praised for quick response after sinister find spread across three lanes of Cairns road

    The mess left on the road in Far North Queensland caused a trail of destruction.